A little sketchbook of a few moods/places bridging from 2016 into early 2017, plus an interstitial page.

Hold D to move right, or A to move left (if you want to).

W and S are of limited consequence.

For "flatgame annual 2016."


1. Movement + parallax scripts are from the flatgame template download, provided by the jam (so by llaura dreamfeel and/or breogán hackett, probably?).

2. Faint gray crumpled-looking background textures are generally from a badly upscaled B&W detail of a photograph of the physical "The Water-Lily Pond" painting by Claude Monet, with light glinting off the paint's topography.


Download not currently recommended. Might fix it later.


country_of_the_year_mac.zip 18 MB

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