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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

For Kusojam. It is possible I do not understand the term 'Kusoge'.

This is difficult, antagonistic, and mildly disorienting. It was built hastily.



1-button platformer. Ultrahard. You have 1000 lives or three hours to beat the game before it resets. There are 10 levels.


Controls are limited to one button. This is mapped to the 'jump' button. By default, this is the spacebar.

Tap 1x to move forward.

Tap 2x to jump.

Tap 3x to blow a kiss.

Tap 4x to do nothing.

Tap 5x to move forward fast/far.

Tap 6x to reset current velocity.

Tap 7x to move backward.

Tap 10x to restart the level (-1 life).


Physics is non-deterministic: the same input/timing does not guarantee the same outcome.

Sometimes collisions will behave oddly.

Levels may become increasingly disorienting.


This uses Thomas Hourdel's "Colorful FX" from the Unity Asset Store: LINK


Download (24 MB)
Download (29 MB)
Download (43 MB)

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