A downloadable prophecy simulator for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A rough prototype of a prophecy-generator, based on a three-card tarot reading. Each "card" is a place to glimpse / briefly look around.

WASD + mouse to control.


This is half cobbled-together from bits, bobs, and demo scenes from the asset store. Three cheers for collage?

UFPS - first-person controller & wobble effects

Popup Asylum - town models & layout for "Rain" and "Snow"; original rain splash & snow particles (I made some minor edits), from demos of the same name

Mirza Beig - Rain particles, light-flickering animation & script

ColorfulFX - dithering & hue-clamp camera effect scripts

Yughues - various free textures (largely recolored & reduced to 1/8th - 1/16th their resolution)

AQUAS - pretty much the entire "submerged" scene, minus some minor revisions; original underwater effects (I made some minor edits to some of those, too) using bits of unity's camera effects

SpriteLights - pretty much the entire "falling" scene, minus the actual falling

I used BuildingCrafter when making the corridors and three doors scenes.

I used SabreCSG when making the entrance & train scenes.


prophecy-die-osx.zip 141 MB
prophecy-die-windows.zip 134 MB
prophecy-die-linux.zip 139 MB

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