A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

First-person platformer / art toy.

Draw structures onto the world to build bridges, ramps, walls, sculptures, etc.

Build your own little space.

Or, if you want a game-y objective: activate the three beacons, then find the exit.

This is a rather rough prototype. Started for the 2017 ProcJam: https://itch.io/jam/procjam

Player Controls

WASD/Mouse to move/look.

Space to jump.

E to interact.

Draw/Delete Tool

1 - select draw/delete tool

LMB - start drawing a block; while drawing: stop drawing

RMB - delete a block; while drawing: cancel

[ - decrease draw thickness

] - increase draw thickness

Tab - toggle between short-distance and long-distance mode

Move/Clone Tool (Optional)

2 - select move/clone tool

LMB - grab & start moving a block; while moving: let go / stop moving the block

RMB: clone & start moving a block; while moving: cancel move/clone


spinneret-r0-win.zip 11 MB
spinneret-r0-linux.zip 31 MB
spinneret-r0-osx.zip 16 MB

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