a short, escalating conflict.
requires observation, patience, dexterity, reflexes.

how to play:
watch the outlined boxes.
some boxes, when they move, cause a white bar to appear above.
draw lines to connect white bars to the boxes that make them appear. (or vise-versa)
avoid erratic white things.

mouse + left mouse button.
click to start/stop drawing a line.

for wumpus jam


2018.03.03 - fixed windows build; improved ending; added a few more details.


youfeeladraft-win-1.zip 24 MB
youfeeladraft-osx-1.zip 29 MB
youfeeladraft-lnx-1.zip 44 MB


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(spoilers) this is so intense! I felt like I had pretty much one by figuring out what the three cubes are before lining any of them up, but then I needed to figure out a fourth one and I can't get past that part... I love the effects though and the build-up of tension. this is such an awesome, abstract approach to the theme!

Whoa! This feels so cool. I love really studying the behavior of these boxes, really scrutinizing every little move. It's kind of addicting!